Thanks Living

The theme for our 2020 Stewardship Campaign is Thanks Living.

Our mission here at Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church is to love the people around us, and to bless them as we have been so blessed by God. We recognize that everything we have is a gift from God and want to return a portion of God’s generosity with our financial gifts to support the mission of Christ’s Church.

If we were to narrow down the role of humanity to one thing it would be to live a life of gratitude in response to what God has done for us. Gratitude is not a denial of the hardships of life, it is a recognition of the good even in the midst of the bad.

Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church is truly blessed by the Spirit and our many ministries show how God is leading our church. All of these ministries and many more are made possible by the financial generosity and volunteer time of our members.  

Please join us in making your pledge for the upcoming year 2020, giving from your heartfelt gratitude to God?

God has assigned to each of us the responsibility of managing the resources we have been given, including time, money and the ability for us to serve. We are so blessed at Grace Covenant that the resources and volunteers have been provided to us by God to accomplish our ministries.

GCPC asks for our pledges now, so that our leadership can plan the program life of the church for the year ahead, and do so with a balanced budget. Making an annual stewardship pledge is a commitment of your financial support for the coming year

You may fulfill your pledge on any schedule that meets your needs – weekly, monthly, quarterly or in one lump sum.

The vitality of our church depends on your ongoing, committed support. This support includes your financial commitment, participation in worship and other congregational activities, including the offering of your time and talent.

To support Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church as it works to transform lives, I/we submit our 2020 pledge.

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When you submit your pledge, your information is confidently sent to Tara Hyder, GCPC Finance Administrator only.