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Vital Congregations Revitalization Study

Matthew 25: Vital Congregations Revitalization Study

April 25 – May 16
11:15am, Zoom Class

Join us as we embark on an honest conversation about GCPC, sharing unique stories, confessing our realities and discerning the Spirit’s call. Each week our leaders will guide us through Bible study, reflection and conversation that will help us as we work to revitalize the church in missional action and faithful discipleship in Jesus Christ throughout our neighborhoods, our nation and the world.

One of the three emphases of the Matthew 25 initiative is church revitalization.  Join us as we work our way through a biblical study of what makes a congregation vital.  The study includes 7 marks of a vital congregation:  1.  Lifelong discipleship  2.  Intentional Authentic Evangelism  3.  Outward Incarnational Focus 4.  Empower Servant Leadership 5.  Spirit Inspired Worship 6. Caring Relationships and 7. Ecclesial Health.   The classes will include reflecting on our congregation and ways that we can celebrate and expand our ministry.  Come be part of the conversation. 

This Zoom online class will be led by a team of members. Join us at 11:15 a.m.

Join Zoom Meeting:  
Meeting ID: 872 2084 5770  Passcode: GCPC2021