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2020 Lenten Devotion Booklet

Prayer - Fasting - Works of Love:  40 days of devotional readings for daily reflection

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Absorbed. Our lives seem to be absorbed with things to do. Planning and preparing meals, play dates for the kids, catching up with social media, following the local and national news…so much to do! When and how do we squeeze in time for God? I’ve been a proponent of reflective thinking, those times when the mind goes on auto-drive and brings into sharp focus ideas, thoughts, events, and happenings from past experiences. For most, reflection is a time to make connections between abstractions and more concrete realities. In the next 40 days before Easter, in that space in time when preparation for all that took place in Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, commit to squeezing in five minutes each day to read these short pieces. You will likely find yourself reflecting on them in the hours and days that follow, even when you are at your busiest.

Harold Frye, Ed.D.