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Handbell Choirs

Our handbell choirs provide music for both worship services and special programs in the church and community. The handbell program at GCPC has been a long-standing and important part of our music ministry. In fact, we are beginning our 32nd year of handbell ringing using 5 octaves of Malmark handbells and handchimes. While handbell ringing is a unique mix of techniques with aural and visual artistry – it is also a whole lot of fun!

Charter Ringers

The Charter Ringers are an ensemble for intermediate to advanced handbell ringers and play a range of exciting and challenging music. They are co-directed by Celia Nicholas and Chris Krug and rehearse on Wednesdays at 6:10pm in Room 1.

Jubilation! Ringers

The Jubilation! Ringers are an ensemble for beginning to intermediate handbell ringers. They rehearse on Sundays at 5:00pm in Room 1 and are directed by Kathy Bures.

Exaltation! Ringers

The Exaltation! Ringers are made up of 8th-12th grade youth and directed by Trey Bures.  Ex! Ringers rehearse on Sundays in Room 1 at 4:00pm.

To learn more about our handbell choirs, please contact Rebecca Prater, Director of Music Ministries, at, or 913-345-1256, ext #13.

Handbell Choirs Rehearsal Calendar

March 29–April 4, 2020

Ex! Ringers - 1

Sunday, March 29, 2020
4:00 pm5:00 pm
Room 1

Exaltation! Ringers is a handbell group for 8th-12th graders directed by Trey Bures. They ring in worship and take an annual Mission & Music trip to various locations around the country each summer.

Jubilation! Ringers - 1

Sunday, March 29, 2020
5:00 pm6:00 pm
Room 1

Jubilation! is a handbell group for beginning to intermediate ringers directed by Kathy Bures.

Charter Ringers - 1

Wednesday, April 1, 2020
6:10 pm7:20 pm
Room 1

Charter Ringers is a handbell group for intermediate to advanced ringers. The group is co-directed by Celia NIcholas and Chris Krug.