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Special Events

Special Events 2020

  • Music Appreciation Sunday

    Sunday, February 9; 8:50am and 11:05am
    Let ev’ry instrument be tuned for praise! Music shared in both worship services by Children, Youth, and Adult Singers, Handbells, and Instrumentalists.

  • Good Friday

    April 10; 7:30pm
    “Songs of the Cross” shared by Chancel Choir and Instrumentalists.

  • Easter Sunday Special Music

    Sunday, April 12
    8:50am Praise Team, Solos, and Ensembles
    11:05am Chancel Choir, Charter Ringers, and Chancel Brass

  • Bell Fest XXXII

    Sunday, May 3; 6pm
    Fun Theme: TBA; Hear all 3 of our handbell choirs, more info to come!