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December 4 Worship

Worship, December 4, 2022

Communion Sunday

The Second Sunday of Advent

Scripture: Luke 1:67–79
Sermon:  "A Song of Hope" by Rev. Mitch Trigger
Music:  Songs will be shared in worship by GCPC Orchestra, Pam Smith Kelly, director. “Symphonic Prelude on ADESTE FIDELIS” by Claude T. Smith, arr. Joseph Benjamin Earp; “Greensleeves” by Claude T. Smith, arr. Joseph Benjamin Earp; and “Finale from ‘Rhapsody on Christmas Carols’” by Claude T. Smith.

Mask protocols for this Sunday:   MASKS OPTIONAL 

A song-filled Advent & Christmas!

Our Advent sermon series The Songs of Christmas, takes a look at the biblical songs in the story of Jesus’ birth. A lot of Scripture passages are the words of songs sung by prophets, kings, messengers, and more, but we don’t recognize them that way – they don’t read or look like songs we know. That may be true, but they are songs just the same and there are songs that mark the important moments in the story of Jesus’ birth found in the Gospel of Luke. Exploring these biblical songs will only add to our musical emphasis during the Season of Advent.

CLICK HERE to learn more about events at GCPC during Advent.

TONIGHT!  A Christmas Exclamation!

Held Sunday, December 4, 6pm 
In-Person, and via Facebook and Zoom (Zoom link here)

Hear our 4-year-olds through adults sing & ring Christmas favorites then join in with the congregation to sing Christmas carols & songs. We’ll also have some fun videos & treats for the kids. Put on your ugly Christmas sweaters, Santa hats to join us for this fun and festive Christmas program ... a “don’t miss event!

Adult Sunday School

10:45 am - via Zoom (links below - click class name in BLUE to go to Zoom link)

Adult Sunday School will gather in the Sanctuary for this Advent Class.  If you are watching worship on Zoom, remain on the Zoom link to participate in the Adult Sunday School Class. If you are worshipping with us on Facebook. move to the Zoom link for worship, or the link below to participate.  

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