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Pentecost, May 19

Join us for Worship!

Pentecost Sunday

May 19, 2024
9:30am Worship

Scripture:  Romans 8:22–27, Acts 2:1–21 (CEB)
Sermon: "What Does This Mean?" by Rev. Karen Wright
Music: Organ led. Chancel & Exaltation! Singers anthem “Spirit, Spirit of Gentleness” arr. Michael Hassell with Miles McDonald, alto sax

Adult Christian Education

Please join us at 10:45am in (Room 3), or via Zoom.  Zoom link here!

Today, on Pentecost Sunday, we will be studying in depth how the church was “born” ten days after Jesus’s ascension into heaven, as told in age 2nd Chapter of Acts.  Class will be led by Don Wilson.

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