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Rev. Karen Wright

Rev. Karen Wright

Rev. Karen Wright is an ordained minister in the PC(USA). She served as the Director of Christian Education at Westminster Presbyterian, Austin, TX, and became a Certified Christian Educator. Upon moving with her wife, Rev. Sally Wright, to the Kansas City area, Karen was ordained in 2014 and served as Associate Pastor at Southminster Presbyterian Church until the beginning of 2023. At the beginning of the year Karen embarked on a journey as a podcaster and author. Karen has a weekly podcast Faith in the Cracks and published a book I Miss Grandma this summer. Serving as a Bridge Pastor, Karen has found a space to use her ministerial gifts as well as continue to have time to write and seek opportunities to publish.  

Faith in the Cracks - a podcast by Rev. Karen Wright

Just like new plants sprout in the cracks of the sidewalk, faith can grow and develop in the cracks of our lives. Whether the cracks are cracks of time in our daily schedule or cracks in our lives from changes, pressure, or life in general, when we allow God's word to seep into the cracks, new things can blossom.  Listen to Rev. Wright's podcast here:

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