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Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church celebrates God’s grace for everyone.

We gather to worship. We equip ourselves to share faith. We send ourselves to serve.

Our worship times are:  8:50am (Contemporary) and 11:05am (Traditional)

Our Mission

Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church celebrates God’s unbounded grace and all-inclusive love.  God gathers us in a welcoming community, with our curiosity and questions, to worship creatively, learn from God’s word, share our gifts, and deepen our faith. With grateful hearts and a spirit of adventure, we go to serve Christ in the world, sharing kindness with everyone, and working for justice rooted in God’s love.

News & Notes

Articles by Revs. Sue & Mitch Trigger and RSS feed from PCUSA

Are we too religious to be spiritual? By N. Graham Standish  I’m a little bit obsessed with the phrase “spiritual but not religious.” I have been ever since I first said it about myself when I was in college: “Nah … I don’t go to church. I’m spiritual but not religious.” I still said this... Read more »

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Desperate journeys And a word of blessing by Ken Rummer  Aunt Betty came down to the depot to see us off. We didn’t have any food with us. It was raining…. By the time we got to Columbus we were all starving, so Dad got off to get us something to eat. He missed the... Read more »

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  Sunday, December 22 Gathering the straw of peace With just days to go until Christmas, how much straw have you filled Jesus’ manger with? Where did you bring joy to someone? How did this joy brighten the world? There is still more straw to add to the manger — the straw of peace. And... Read more »

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