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Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church celebrates God’s grace for everyone.

We gather to worship. We equip ourselves to share faith. We send ourselves to serve.

Sunday morning Worship at 9:30am.
Sunday School at 10:45am

Worship service information can be found here.
Online worship available on Facebook and Zoom.

Career Opportunities at GCPC

Director of Christian Education

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Our Mission

Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church celebrates God’s unbounded grace and all-inclusive love.  God gathers us in a welcoming community, with our curiosity and questions, to worship creatively, learn from God’s word, share our gifts, and deepen our faith. With grateful hearts and a spirit of adventure, we go to serve Christ in the world, sharing kindness with everyone, and working for justice rooted in God’s love.

At Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church we are committed to sharing God's all-inclusive love and standing with those who are victims of injustice. We invite you to join us in the work that needs to be done to join the call to remember the victims of racial violence and affirm our commitment to work together to dismantle structural racism. We are a Matthew 25 congregation.  Learn more here.

News & Notes

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"For the past 12 years I have been a pastor who offers support and presence to women who have been sex-trafficked," writes Rev. Katie Kinnison. "It started when Presbyterian Women from a church I was serving took me to Human Trafficking Awareness Day at our statehouse." For Presbyterians Today's focus on "healing and repair," Kinnison writes about her work with survivors of trafficking and her new worshiping community called Gathering.

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"The immigrant community is a community in need of healing and reparation. Immigrants have played a crucial role in the building and flourishing of this nation through their hard labor, resiliency, and dedication," writes Arelis Figueroa, leader of a La Iglesia del Pueblo, a new worshiping community in New York City. From May to June 2024, Presbyterians Today features leaders reflecting on "repair" and healing" in their contexts.

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I grew up in the traditional Black churches that taught that LGBTQ+ people will burn in hell ...I wished I could find love and acceptance at church. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Rev. Dionne Boyice describes how she heals and is healed through her new worshiping community, WHOSOEVER: Community Of FAITH.

The post For the Bible Tells Me So … appeared first on Presbyterians Today Blog.