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Adult Ministries at Grace

Grace Covenant's Adult Ministry is a wonderfully complex network of changing classes, speakers, events and groups of all sizes. Whether your interest is Bible study, current issues, fellowship, exercise, prayer practices or another method of spiritual, emotional and intellectual growth, something is sure to fit your schedule.

Classes and groups meet throughout the week as well as on Sundays. Vital to all adult ministries is the opportunity to know God, to enrich one’s spiritual life, grow in faith, and build relationships within the community of faith. Everything else flows from that.

We learn about God and grow in faith in all sorts of ways: listening to individual stories, sharing new experiences, studying scripture, laughing, reading, discussing, walking and eating!

Grace Studies - Beginning September 8

Adult Studies in Bible, Theology, Faith and Life, Christian Witness and Justice
Sundays at 10am

Bible Study:  Engage: Gospel
We are called to share the ongoing ministry of Jesus Christ.  This may not be the easiest thing you’ve been called to do, but it is by far the most rewarding.  Come and explore how your story, our story and God’s story connect.  •  The class is being led by Revs. Sue and Mitch in Heartland Hall.

Christian Living:  Twelve Lies That Hold Americans Captive by Jonathan P. Walton
Walton exposes the cultural myths and misconceptions about America’s identity.  He identifies how American ideology has become a false religion and how orienting our lives around American nationalism is idolatry.  Discover how the kingdom of God offers true freedom and justice for all.  •  The class is being led by Dave Peck in Room 4 (West wing).