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Mission Calendar

2024 Mission Calendar

Each month GCPC designates an organization to receive the Communion Offering.  The Communion Offering recipient is listed in the bulletin each Sunday.  Members can give to the Communion Offering Recipient of the month by either selecting “Communion” in the online giving portal with their donation, or by writing “Communion Offering” on their check, or envelope they put into the offering plate.

All Communion Offerings submitted will be directed to the Communion Offering Recipient designated for the month in which the donation was received. If you would like to give to a Communion Offering Recipient outside of the month designated for them, please give your donation directly to the organization.  Mission Team will share information on how to contact the organizations directly in the weekly bulletins.  For any questions, please contact Mission Team Moderator, Mikki Walker at

CLICK IMAGE BELOW to download a PDF file of the 2024 Mission Calendar, or click here.