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June 18, 2023 Worship

June 18, 2023

Presbyterian Men Sunday

9:30am Worship

Scripture: Matthew 9:35–10:8
Sermon: “Changing Stories” by Rev. Mitch Trigger
Music: Anthem — "I'm Gonna Sing!" by Mark A Miller, David Sutherland, soloist


Mask protocols for this Sunday:   MASKS OPTIONAL 

Grace Summer Sessions

Bring your family, bring a friend and join us for this intergenerational series of activities. Each week will bring a different opportunity for learning and fellowship.

10:45am - June 18

Something to Spark Your Attention – An exploration of electric cars.

We will begin in Heartland Hall with a presentation about electric vehicles and then enjoy an electric vehicle show in the west end parking lot.  Members who drive an electric vehicle (car, van, bike) are invited to display it/them.

To sign up to bring a vehicle go to:

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