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October 29, 2023 Worship

October 29, 2023

22nd Sunday After Pentecost

9:30am Worship

Scripture: Psalm 139:13–16, John 2:1–11                                                                                
Sermon: "Risky Business" by Rev. Melissa Bowers
Music: Praise Team, Carrie DeVries, director

Guest Worship Leader: Rev. Melissa Bowers. Rev Melissa is a chaplain, ordained pastor, and spiritual director. When she is not helping patients, families, and spiritual seekers, she enjoys motorbiking and gardening. She and her husband, Tim, have three grown children and two grandchildren. They live in Kansas City with their cute poodle, Sparky! You can reach her at

Adult Sunday School

This Sunday, the Adult Ministry Team is combining Adult Sunday class into one classroom. In Room 3 we continue to look at major World Religions, their history, evolution, conflicts and inter-relations, with each class presented by a different speaker. This Sunday's class, presented by Rick Randolph, covers the many tenets of the Islamic faith. To attend via Zoom, please use the link: / Meeting ID: 838 1523 7214 / Passcode: GCPC2022.

Future classes will conclude with Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism. We hope to see you there!


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