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Easter Sunday, March 31

Worship at 9am & 11am

Celebrate the joy of Christ's resurrection with us as we gather for two special Easter worship services.

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 15:1–11, Mark 16:1–8   
Sermon:  "Fear or Faith?" by Rev. Karen Wright
Sacrament of Communion at both services.

At Grace Covenant, a long-time tradition is the “flowering of the cross” on Easter Sunday, when everyone attending places a flower on the cross.  The flowering of the cross represents the transition from Good Friday to Easter, from meditation on Jesus’ death to joyful celebration of his resurrection. Covered with flowers, the cross serves not only as an emblem of Jesus’ resurrection but also of the continuing presence of Christ among today’s believers. All are welcome to place a flower on the cross.  NOTE:  The "flowering of the cross will begin 15 minutes prior to worship.

9am Worship

Flowering of the cross begins at 8:45am

Music Leadership by Praise Team.

11am Worship

Flowering of the cross begins at 10:45am.

Music Leadership by Chancel & Exaltation! Singers, Organ, Charter Ringers, Chancel Brass.

Bulletin and Announcements for both Services

Let the confetti fly!  Everything we are and everything we do is a celebration of love we feel as God’s beloved children...and that means balloons and confetti on Easter.

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