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Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church celebrates God’s grace for everyone.

We gather to worship. We equip ourselves to share faith. We send ourselves to serve.

Worship with us this Sunday at 8:50am (Contemporary) or at 11:05am (Traditional)

Our Mission

Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church celebrates God’s unbounded grace and all-inclusive love.  God gathers us in a welcoming community, with our curiosity and questions, to worship creatively, learn from God’s word, share our gifts, and deepen our faith. With grateful hearts and a spirit of adventure, we go to serve Christ in the world, sharing kindness with everyone, and working for justice rooted in God’s love.

News & Notes

Articles by Revs. Sue & Mitch Trigger and RSS feed from PCUSA

Can we be missional if we have dirty bathrooms? Our mission is only as good as our church community by N. Graham Standish   Over the past few months I’ve been working with a pastor enrolled in a missional church certificate program intended to transform his church. He’s frustrated. He loves learning new ideas for... Read more »

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Manna — The Biblical Symbol of ‘Enough’ How do we trust God will provide?   by Rebecca Crow Lister Does enough exist?  Is there ever enough time, money, sleep, love, faith, justice, energy or peace for us? Why does it feel like we are always lacking in these and other areas of our lives? Unknown painter (German),... Read more »

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