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Youth Sunday, March 5

Youth Sunday, March 5 Worship

2nd Sunday of Lent
Communion Sunday

Worship is led by our youth and high school seniors will present sermons. We are excited to hear sermons and insight from our seniors and experience the creativity of our youth as they focus on what it means to think and live “outside the box.” During the last few years our youth have experienced changes in the way school happens, sports happen, even how church youth events happen. There are some similarities to what life would have been like when Jesus was pushing the norms and causing believers to think and act “outside the box”. As usual it will be planned and led by our youth but is designed for all ages.

Our seniors this year are: Lauren Callender, Camille Chaffin, Miles Dalton, Kelly Kowalczewski, Ben Lodge, Madeline Mahoney, Ben Mason, Maggie Shaw, Marco Conti, and Ky Townsend.

Adult Sunday School

10:45 am - via Zoom (link below - click class name in BLUE to go to Zoom link)

The 2023 Lenten Studies:  March 5 - April 2

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