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March 10, 2024 Worship

March 10, 2024
9:30am Worship

Fourth Sunday in Lent  

Scripture: John 3:14–21, Numbers 21:4–9 
Sermon: "Snakes, Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?" by Rev. Karen Wright
Music: Organ-led worship with Chancel and Exaltation! Singers. The anthem is “God So Loved the World” by John Stainer, Rebecca Prater, director.

Into the Wilderness: Lent commences amid the wilderness, with the Spirit guiding Jesus into a place of temptation and struggle. Throughout his forty days of fasting, resisting, and wandering, Jesus undergoes a transformative experience, shaping him for ministry. In a parallel fashion, during the Lenten wilderness, we are encouraged to embrace the untamed guidance of the Spirit. Find Lenten Resources, including our Lenten Devotional Booklet - CLICK HERE.

Adult Christian Education for Lent

February 18 - March 24

Meeting Jesus at the Table

The Adult Ministries Team presents this Lenten Study by Cynthia M. Campbell, and Christine Coy Fohr. 

Please join us at 10:45am in (Room 3), or via Zoom.  Zoom link here!

This Sunday, we look at "Surprised by Grace," based on Luke 7:36–50. Please join us for an interactive dialogue. 

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