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We’re preparing for a summer of “youth-oriented” activities!

We wish that meant activities oriented towards us, but we still get the joy of taking part. Since the M&M (Mission & Music) Trip is such an important part of the life of this congregation, we wanted to share in the experience, and so Mitch and Charlie are taking part in the project. They will have hopefully arrived back home none the worse for wear by the time this newsletter goes out.

That gives us a two-week break and then it’s time for the biggest youth event in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) – Triennium!  Six thousand plus youth, advisors, and volunteers will descend on the Purdue University campus July 16-20, and despite the inevitable heat, it will be a great week. Miles McDonald is part of the leadership for our Presbytery’s delegation and GCPC will have a good representation of youth as well. We (Mitch and Sue) are returning as part of the 100 Small Group Leaders who will take part in Triennium. It truly is a unique experience, unlike anything else in the PC(USA). Maybe that’s why it takes three years of planning to put together each time!

We’re going to squeeze some vacation time in this summer also, although part of it we will use to explore the area and see some of the sights right here in this region.

One of the things we’re most excited about though, are some of the activities that our teams are planning for the fall and winter here at Grace Covenant. There will be some wonderful events for fun and fellowship, as well as unique opportunities to serve God that will be positively – joyful!

But even in the midst of all the summer fun, remember to take time to gather together in worship. If you’re on the road, take time to worship with family or friends, or even try something new. And if you’re at home, well…we’d love to see you!

Peace to all,
Mitch & Sue