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October 8, 2023 Worship

October 8, 2023


9:30am Worship

On Wor(k)ship Sunday, we’ll spend the time we would normally devote to worship and Sunday school doing a variety of service projects!

  • We’ll start with a brief worship service at 9:30am.
  • From 10am to about noon, we’ll pursue the service opportunities described below.
  • At approximately noon, we will gather for a Taco Salad Lunch and Fellowship (suggested $5 donation; maximum $20 per family).

Contact Mikki Walker at or 913-558-2603 with any questions or difficulties.

Activities: (Deadline to sign-up was October 1.  Contact Mikki if you did not sign up)

  • The Whole Person Fall Leaf Clean Up
  • Beautify and Improve GCPC
  • Mission Quilts/Tactile Quilts
  • Tour the Project Living Proof House
  • Starfish Project Plastic Bag Mats
  • Olathe Stream Clean Up
  • Lunch + Clean Up


No Adult Sunday School Today

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