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The Season of Lent

“The theme of remembrance runs through this collection of brief daily reflections, but it takes on its full meaning only in concert with the other recurring themes: suffering and injustice, lament, slavery, and deliverance. Powery's rich, honest voice draws readers into the questions that gave rise to the spirituals and the faith that sustains those who sing them.“ —The Christian Century

Were You There?

Valuable not only for their sublime musical expression, the African American spirituals provide profound insights into the human condition and Christian life. Many spirituals focus on the climax of the Christian drama, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the ways in which those events bring about the liberation of God’s people. During the season of Lent, the Pastors will lead the congregation through the spirituals as they confront the mystery of Christ’s atoning death and victory over the grave.

  • March 2, Ash Wednesday:  Self-directed worship in the Sanctuary from 4-7pm.
  • March 6 - Youth Sunday, 1st Sunday in Lent:  Senior sermons and music led by our Youth and the Youth Band. Sacrament of Communion.
  • March 13, 2nd Sunday of Lent:  Sermon by Rev. Mitch Trigger (Daylight Savings Time). Music by Chancel & Exaltation! II Singers.
  • March 20, 3rd Sunday of Lent / PCUSA Mr. Rogers Sunday:  Sermon by Rev. Sue Trigger.  Music by the Praise Team.
  • March 27, 4th Sunday of Lent / Matthew 25 - Building Vital Congregations Sunday:  Sermon by Rev. Mitch Trigger. Music by Chancel & Exaltation! I Singers.
  • April 3, 5th Sunday of Lent / Justice Advocacy Sunday:  Sermon by Rev. Sue Trigger.  Sacrament of Communion.  Music by Chancel & Exaltation! II Singers. 


  • April 10, 6th Sunday of Lent / Palm Sunday:  Sermon by Rev. Mitch Trigger.  Music led by the Praise Team, Joy! (4s-K), and Celebration! (1st-6th graders).
  • April 14, Maundy Thursday:  Worship at 7:30pm. Sermon by Revs. Sue and Mitch Trigger. Sacrament of Communion.  Music by the Praise Team and Sue Trigger.
  • April 15, Good Friday:  Worship at 7:30pm.  Music by Chancel & Exaltation! I & II Singers and string quartet.
  • April 17: Easter Sunday / One Great Hour of Sharing:  Worship services at 9am and 11am. Sermon by Revs. Sue and Mitch Trigger. Sacrament of Communion.  Music at 9am by the Praise Team.  Music at 11am by Chancel & Exaltation! I & II Singers, Charter Ringers, and Joon Park, trumpet.

2022 Lenten Resources

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We often hear that spending a few minutes each day working on a goal can bring about growth. The same can be said about our spiritual lives. Both at Advent and Lent if not at other times during the year, reading and reflection can help with personal growth. In this Lenten season, these daily devotions are intended to stimulate thought about God’s word. They are written from a layman’s perspective with little more training than what many experience in their religious lives. They are offered with love and with hope, that by reading them, you will be motivated to think more about God, to pray more to God, and to draw closer to your loved ones. The writings are paired with a piece of visual artwork and a bit of music, most recorded on YouTube. My hope is that your day will be better for spending a few minutes each day.

Harold Frye, Ed.D.

Adult Christian Education for Lent

March 6–April 10:  Lenten Study — The Hope of Glory
Join us as the two adult classes combine for our Lenten book study by Jon Meacham. As for believers worldwide, the events of Good Friday and Easter reveal essential truths about Christianity. A former vestryman of Trinity Church Wall Street and St. Thomas Church Fifth Avenue, Meacham delves into that intersection of faith and history in this meditation on the seven phrases Jesus spoke from the cross. The class will meet in the Sanctuary, or you can join on Zoom.