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Youth Sunday, March 7

Online Worship, Youth Sunday, March 7, 10am

The Third Sunday in Lent

“Adapting to Change” Youth Sunday
Communion Sunday

Every year our members look forward to Youth Sunday, and this year's theme "Adapting to Change" centers around something we have all had to do....adapt to a "new normal." For our youth, adapting to the new normal associated with COVID-19 was difficult and then the new normal changed….and changed again. The new normal is continuing to change and there is no clear timeline for when we can expect our lives to return to the “old normal” many of us long for. 

This last year our students have been challenged in new ways. Where is God in all of this?

This worship service will be shown on GCPC's Facebook page. Please look for the broadcast to appear on the page on/around 9:55am.  The video will be saved to our Facebook news feed after it concludes. The Zoom link is below.

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