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3rd Sunday of Advent | December 13

Online Worship, December 13, 2020

The Season of Advent

3rd Sunday of Advent

Share Joy - In this time when we share cookies and other treats with one another, we share joy with those around us that they might taste and see that the Lord is good to us through the birth of his Son.

“Songs of the Season” presented by
Praise Team led overall worship music and shared additional music.
Donna Goeckler, director and vocals
Carrie DeVries, accompanist and vocals
Michelle Gailliez-Frye, Jami Howe, and Gina McBride, vocals
Melanie Townsend, keyboard
Daniel Cole, percussion

This worship service will be shown on GCPC's Facebook page. Please look for the broadcast to appear on the page on/around 9:55am.  The video will be saved to our Facebook news feed after it concludes. The Zoom link is below.

Some music is reprinted by permission CCLI #1154643 and #A-705105.
Any videos are shown by permission of CVLI #50408750.
Any Streaming or Podcasts of worship services (including music) in audio or video form are covered under CCLI #2684265.