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May 9, Online Worship 10am

Online Worship, Sunday, May 9, 10am

by Elizabeth F. Caldwell and Theodore Hiebert

6th Sunday of Easter

Scripture – Acts 10:34–47     

Sermon "God's Big Plan" by Rev. Sue Trigger. 

Have you ever wondered about the story of the tower of Babel?  Join us this Sunday for a Storybook Sunday that will tackle this well known story from Genesis.  Pastor Sue will introduce the book, “God’s Big Plan” by Elizabeth F. Caldwell and Theodore Hiebert.  The sermon will discuss a new understanding of the story of Babel by Biblical scholars, revealing God’s plan for wonderful diversity throughout the world. You may find the book at your favorite bookstore and online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  Learn more at

♫ Praise Team leads us in music

Matthew 25: Vital Congregations Revitalization Study

11:15am on Zoom, following Online Worship (Runs through May 16)

On Sunday, May 9, we’ll host the third in our four-part series based on becoming a Matthew 25 church: “Caring Relationships” and “Ecclesial Health.” Join us as we discuss where GCPC is on the spectrum from caring relationships vs. being a social club and ecclesial health vs. unhealthy dysfunction.

Look up “Ecclesial” in Webster’s, and you’ll find it’s from the Greek and just means a political assembly. Dig deeper and “ecclesia” is an item “suitable for use in a church.” Perhaps a kneeler or old-timey fan? But the word comes to life in a further reference: “a community of Disciples, whose members participate in the mission of Christ in support of each other and those in need.

Missed the first two weeks? No worries, read on … In week one of our journey, reviewing the words in Mark 1–3, we were encouraged to be intentional, lifelong disciples — not in the “Jesus Freak” style of a few decades ago, but through an authentic sharing of our faith. Next we looked at evangelism (spreading the good news) and having an outward incarnational focus that takes action beyond our own congregation). In the next two weeks, we’ll consider other marks of congregational vitality, including caring relationships and servant leadership. This coming Sunday will be based on Mark 6 and 7. Please join us Sunday at 11:15. Your thoughts and ideas are critical if we are to be successful in extending and growing the vitality of our congregation.

This Zoom online class will be led by a team of members. Join us at 11:15 a.m.

Join Zoom Meeting:  
Meeting ID: 872 2084 5770  Passcode: GCPC2021

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